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Wisconsin Regional

What a rollercoaster! There were so many ups and downs this weekend. We started on a high note, being ready for most of our practice matches and feeling confident in out robot’s design and gameplay. Unfortunately, when qualifiers came, we struggled to raise our rank. Waiting anxiously in 35th place, we watched the alliance selection begin. Once again, our robot’s consistent elevator got us picked in to an alliance with Wingus and Dingus and Hex Hounds. Though Hex Hounds is also a local team, Wingus and Dingus is a rookie team from New Zealand. It was amazing to be in an alliance with the team that won most of the rookie awards at the competition. While our drive team was hard at work proving

Great Northern Regional 2019

After a 10 hour van ride, our team arrived in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Here, we competed in the North Dakota regional for the first time in our teams history. We made friends all over the pits and in the stands. Talking with all of these other teams was inspirational because we could see all of their stories. We met teams as diverse as an all girls rookie team from China. Hopping aboard the FIRST train, we made a train car to go in the train parade. Our marketing team was able to build this while our build team was busy in the pits. After having a bit of time building, it was back to Chairman’s for our marketing team. Our presentation was good, and so were to presentations of the other tea


Team 2077


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