Mentors and Adult Helpers

Executive Board and

Department Leaders

Advisor /Coach

Mrs. Ahrendt

Assistant Coach

Mr. Murphy


Mr. Buchanan - GE Software Engineer

Mrs. Buchanan - Mechanical Engineer
Mr. Drapkin - GE Healthcare 
Mr. Reed - Rockwell Automation

Mr. Read- S.A. Mier Inc.
Mr. Reese - UW Waukesha
Mr. VanLent - UW Madison
Mr. Olson

Mr. Schilling

Mr. D

Executive Board

President Business - Bree Brue

President Production - Lucas Polodna

Secretary/Treasurer - Katie Reed

Safety Captain - AJ Memmel

Department Leaders


Marketing Director - 

Graphic Design Director- Nathaniel Saunderson

Social Media/ Photography - Alyssa Polodna


Build Director - Jamison Olson

Programming Director - AJ Memmel

CAD/3D printing - Trevor Schepp

Parent Helpers
Mrs. King
Mrs. Polodna

Team Members

Class of 2020

Jayson Chrapla

Lucas Polodna

Brianna Brue

Class of 2021
Masha Drapkin
Lucas Lirette
Jamison Olson
Nathaniel Saunderson
Nima Karbassi
Amin Karbassi
Katie Read
Class of 2022

AJ Memmel

Alyssa Polodna

Evan Hovila

Class of 2023






Team 2077


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