Week 2

First, thank you to the Johnston family for lunch Saturday and all the extra hours from our mentors this past week. Thank you, to Ben at Dedicated Computing for you workshop on the scrum board method.

Second the team is working on implementing a project planning management system, so 10 min quick meeting to run down of what you got down yesterday, what your doing today and what you plan to work on tomorrow will be held each meeting.

Build, programming, CAD will use the scrum board in the build room.

Marketing, secretaries, graphic art, website, & image departments will use the scrum board in the computer lab.

Our schedule this week is....

Monday 5 to 8pm

Tuesday 2:35 to 8pm

Wednesday 5 to 8 pm

Thursday 2 to 8 pm (dinner still open in sign up genius)

Friday 5 to 8 pm

Saturday 9 to 3 pm

Highlights of this past week...

  • the team has a credit card to make faster purchases during build season

  • We have learned how to use the 3D printer

  • CAD is being used this year in our design process

  • proto-typing of the robots is near completion

  • our scrum boards make, tasks needed to complete, available for all members to keep busy

Thank you all for you support and dedication to the team,

Mrs. Ahrendt

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