Week 3

Hello team,

27 days until bag and tag!

This Friday we are starting at 1pm instead of noon.

A big thank you to the families who brought in food last week; Wiese, Buchanan and Jones.

We are hoping to have the three components of the robot put together by Saturday. A copy of the chairmans award was sent out for review and comments. If we win this award we automatically qualify for World Championship in St. Louis. Team shirts have been ordered, they should be done by Hamilton Sussex Mini Regional Sunday February 15th. Our new/redesigned website is up and running same address.


We will be holding drive team try outs soon possibly Saturday, if you are interested we will be picking 7 team members. Drive team practices will be mandatory if you are picked for this team. We have hopes of building a second robot so even after bag and tag we can still practice.

If you have not signed up for a team meal below is the sign up link.


Rest of the week...


Thursday 2pm until 8pm (dinner Gervasio family)

Friday 1pm until 9pm (dinner King family)

Saturday 9am until 3pm (lunch Hendrick/Thompson family)

Happy Studying!

Mrs. Ahrendt

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