Week 4

Thank you to the families who provided meals this week; Gervasio, King and Thompson families.

Please check scrum boards or department leaders for projects to work on. We have a lot of work to do yet for the two weeks left.

*****Pick up field trip forms this week for Hamilton Sussex mini regional. Last year we rented a bus, 5 students rode home on it. So to save money we will have independent travel forms, and no bus this year. Six students can ride in the district van as I requested this to move the tools and robot. First choice for the van will be pit crew and drivers. I do not have an itinerary from Hamilton yet. But from last year I believe it was 10 or 11 when matches started. The van will arrive early for unload and set up.

Robotics this week.

Monday 5 to 8

Tuesday 230 to 8 (dinner Grewe Family)

Wednesday 5 to 8

Thursday 200 to 8 (dinner open)

Friday 5 to 9

Saturday 9 to 5 (Nicol Family)

We will shoot for drive team try outs on Tuesday at 7 pm.


Ms. Ahrendt

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