Week 5

Thank you to the Grewe, Dehli and Nicol families for food last week.

After this week all meals are open yet, below is the link to sign up.


Same schedule as last week with Sunday added 12 to 4

Monday 5 to 8 (Chicago due today)

Tuesday after school to 8 (Lenske family)

Wednesday 5 to 8

Thursday after school to 8 (David Meyers family)

Friday 5 to 9 (Hamilton paperwork due)

Saturday 9 to 5 (Moy family)

Going to Chicago: Steven, James, Will, Nate, Madison K., Dylan, Madisen N.

Mr and Mrs. Buchanan, and Mrs. Ahrendt

Field Trip forms and Independent travel forms for Hamilton due Friday of this week

If you are looking for a copy of this it is on the attendance clipboard.

Thank you,

Mrs. Ahrendt

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