On November 5th, we hosted a fundraising event at iCombat, tactical laser tag in Waukesha. While at iCombat we represented robotics by showing up to play multiple rounds of laser tag. When we played together it was exciting and fun! Trevor, Austin, and Melanie were all playing together. Our goal in going to iCombat was to raise more money for our team's equipment, but we gained so much more. All three of us became closer friends and started to work together better to find solutions for problems we were facing. iCombat is a great experience to bring people together for a good cause and helped us raise money. If I was to explain the experience overall in one word it would be advantageous because of how many people from the school showed up. It opened their minds to be more accepting of our robotics culture. My experience was surprising and wonderful, if I had the chance I would definitely do it again!

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