Open House

At the open house event that we hosted on May 15th, we invited members from the surrounding community to come in and see what our FRC team and FIRST robotic is all about. We had approximately 50 people come through our build room and the hallway where we had robots set up for the visitors to test drive. We had students from 2nd to 10th grade, school board members, teachers, and school administrators drive robots and learn about FIRST. We explained to the 2nd to 8th graders what FLL and FTC were all about. We also explained FRC to the incoming freshmen and current high schoolers. Over 20 people came to find out about our different teams and levels of robotics.

As we talked to different people, we explained the FRC game from this year by showing them our robot and the game pieces we made ourselves. We let inquisitive people drive the competition robot as well as 2 other robots. We let them drive our “Pizza bot”, this is the robot that has a 180 degree fisheye cameras on each side to create an image of the surrounding environment. Another robot was our “Circle bot”, a small, circular robot that has 3 wheels arranged in a triangle. Many people were found laughing as they tried to make this robot drive in the direction they wanted. The event was fun for everyone and brought FIRST into the lives of 50 more people.

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