Camp Invention Demo

On Today, we traveled to the Camp Invention at Cushing Elementary school. This is a camp that has a week long day camp for 1st - 6th graders to learn about STEM and engineering. We hope that by showing kids at a young age what we do that they would learn what robotics is about and become involved sooner if it interests them. FIRST Lego League teams and FIRST Tech Challenge teams are great opportunities for younger kids to explore engineering.

To show them what they could be a part of in the future, we brought our last year competition robot and what we call out pizza bot. We used last year's competition robot, Starwing, to explain the challenges that were part of the game last year as well as to show them a fully functional robot. We brought our pizza bot as well, the robot where we test our visual tracking, to show the kids what we were currently working on and one of the accomplishments we are most proud of.

The kids were curious and excited when they saw the robots. They asked many questions about the visual tracking system and how fast the robots could go. Watching these kids have the opportunity to learn about robotics and take it was amazing to see. Each of us hopes that these kids all try engineering because their thoughtful questions showed how intelligent and curious they are about it.

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